JACK Entertainment Launches Ohio’s First Free-To-Play Sports Betting App | JACK Entertainment

JACK Entertainment Launches Ohio’s First Free-To-Play Sports Betting App

JACK Entertainment has created the free-to-play sports betting app betJACK which allows sports fans to practice sports betting


JACK Entertainment, Ohio’s Gaming Company, has launched Ohio’s first free-to-play sports betting app, betJACK, in anticipation of the arrival of real money sports betting in the state. Created in partnership with the award-winning product developer, Shape Games, betJACK is an online free-to-play platform for Ohioans to try their hand at sports betting without spending any money.


betJACK’s platform offers an entertaining way to explore different sports betting options through the mobile app as well as on betJACK.com. Created to look and feel exactly like a real money sportsbook product, the betJACK app puts sports fans ahead of the curve to feel comfortable and confident when real money commences next year.


Customers using the betJACK app will receive a daily allotment of 100 tokens each day they log in and can earn additional tokens with each winning bet. Wagers can be made on sports ranging from the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL games to international soccer, e-sports, and rugby. betJACK offers a variety of betting options from spreads, money lines, over/under, parlays as well as in-game betting. While learning the ropes of sports betting, users are encouraged to explore everything betJACK has to offer, especially the ability to earn virtual trophies by winning strategic bets and in-app challenges. The more a user practices, the greater the chance of climbing the leader board on the app, which showcases those with the most bets won. Additionally, users can connect with their friends within the app to strategize their current bets, compare trophy cases, or engage in a little friendly competition.


“JACK is thrilled to provide a fun and engaging platform to help Ohio sports fans become familiar with the world of sports betting,” said Brian Eby, President of JACK Entertainment. “Designed with the Ohio sports fan in mind, we are confident that betJACK will not only be a source of great entertainment but serve as an important tool to help Ohioans learn and become comfortable with sports betting.”


JACK Entertainment selected Shape Games to support the Ohio-based company’s growth into the sports betting market for their proven track record as the front runner in delivering innovative, frontend solutions to tier-one sportsbook operators and emerging players in Europe as well as the US and LATAM. For betJACK, Shape Games created the customer-facing experience and social features that will make the app an accessible, fun, and social experience. JACK Entertainment joins Shape Games’ long list of trusted partners including some of the world’s most renowned and innovative companies including Apple, Red Bull, and Ikea.


“Aligned by a shared commitment to deliver exceptional guest experiences through industry-leading technology, we are thankful to be selected by JACK Entertainment to support the creation of this unique sports betting product,” said Morten Tonnesen, Shape Games Chief Commercial Officer. “Along with Shape’s expert knowledge of consumer apps and customer engagement we believe together we have developed the betJACK platform to be an unparalleled betting option for the Ohio sports fan.”

Upon the launch of real money sports betting, the betJACK app will then transition to JACK’s full feature platform. betJACK is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching betJACK. To learn more about the betJACK brand as well as additional sports betting news and content visit betjack.com.